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 Lex White the psychic

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PostSubject: Lex White the psychic   Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:34 am

Full Name: Lex white,
Hair color: white
Date of Birth: 1995 8 of the ninth.
age: 14
skin tone: pale
wing color:None
Eye color: blue
Physical Discription:
Personality: He's very quite and some times finds it hard to take a joke.
Powers: Clairsentience, He can see the history of things by touching it. Well doing this his eyes go pure white. He can all so phase through solid objects.
Background: Im going to put this in the words of lex. " I was born into an agent for the school, My mum. She was different she had , wings. My dad worked for the school as well. He was part chameleon, Basically he could turn invisible. Then i was born, on a DNA it showed that i was 1% bird witch basically makes me light and slightly stronger. And 1 % chameleon, witch is useless all i can do from it is move one eye one way and the other eye another. When I was eight my mum tried to turn against the school with my dad. They where killed. I don't really blame the school for what they have done, I mean if some one turns on you you take them out, right? Any way i was brought up and trained as a detective by the school."
song that fits you character: I like the song dream weaver.
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Lex White the psychic
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