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 #368 the shapeshifter (Nyx)

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PostSubject: #368 the shapeshifter (Nyx)   Wed Mar 24, 2010 6:02 pm

Full Name: #368

Hair color: changeable but normally dark brown

Date of Birth: ???

age: unknown but around 14-15

skin tone: he can change it to what he wants but normally a pale white tone

wing color: he can make his wings whatever color he wants and can make them be absorbed into his body.

Eye color: normally deep blue but can be changed.

Physical Discription: dark black hoody with broken zipper, camo cargo pants with black leather belt.He wears gloves with metal knuckles to stop him from touching other living matter.

Personality: He doesnt trust anyone easily but when he gets to know you he would trust you with his life.

Powers: He can switch his appearance within human standards (like shape shifting although he changes his dna) He is extremely well trained with weapons and fighting making him a deadly fighter. His last power is a stealing one, if he touches someone he can absorb there dna and use one of their powers.

Extra Info : He is in a school in france and Zero's missile hits him, the blood in it is absorbed by him and Zero's soul is implanted into his memory. he is able to hear Zeros voice in his mind and Zero helps him out. If need be he can conjour up a single power from Zero using his last power. when he does His body is turned into a exact image of Zero and Zero's mind takes over controlling him and allowing only the one power he conjoured up to be used,It makes him tired to use it though. over time Zeros memories will be revealed to him. He is also good with telling if people are lieing or telling what they are feeling.

Background: He was grown in the school with only partial dna. So his body is prown to absorbing dna form what it touches that is alive.

song that fits you character: "chaosweaver" by "scar symmetry".

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#368 the shapeshifter (Nyx)
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