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 Updated Rules November 2014

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PostSubject: Updated Rules November 2014   Tue Nov 18, 2014 8:14 pm

Considering, it's been two years since this was changed, a new one is way overdue.
(*) Means, something has been changed or added.

The rules for the Maximum Ride RPG are fairly simple and easy to follow. Naysayers to these rules can will most likely find them selves warned once and after that illegal posts will be deleted, you can be temporary to permanently banned, site concealment and lack of pm privileges. So do try and follow.

Behavior: We don't expect you to not swear, or have disagreements with each other. We simply ask you not to bring it into public forums (keep it to pm's) and if someone is bothering you, tell an admin, that's what we're here for.

*Reality: Considering, this is MORE than just Maximum Ride now, we are a little more lenient on whether something can actually happen. Say, if you have a futuristic RP in the General RP section, space travel is allowed, if that's what your plot includes. But lord help you, if you're character is watching Jesus being crucified in 30-36 AD and decides to Space Travel to Pluto, you better pray for your soul.

Spam: Not a lot is really needed to be said on this, its untidy looks horrible and makes most people hate you.

Links: Got a link for your site, want to post it on ours to attract attention? Ask first, I will usually say yes but please please ask. Youtube videos, and pictures are fine.

Profile links: Once your account has been accepted put the link for it in your signature, this makes it easier to find if who ever your rping with wants to know something about your character. (Recommended, not forced)
*Character Signatures: Going along with Profile Links, I know that hyper linking in signatures can get a bit messy. So here is an alternative.

*Posts: Don't have to be incredibly long, and I wont make a minimum because I hate it. With that said, don't make it crap. Better be more than one line, and at least a couple of we;; written sentences. You need to give your RP partner(s) something to work with.

God modding: This is basically deciding what happens to a character that you don't control, like if a bullet hits or where they go. This is a no-no due to the fact it can really piss off other people, and takes the fun out of the whole thing.

*Respawning:To keep things fresh theirs a limit on the amount of times you can bring back the character once it has died, this limit is now three.
+I'm going to tweak this. This only applies to 1 single RP. So, if i'm posting in Topic A in Maximum Ride, and someone kills my character, I have the choice to respawn, but only three times. Whatever happens in Topic A, DOES NOT affect the same character is Topic B.
+I'm not even sure why this is a rule.. It shouldn't be a big issue. Honestly, just message your RP group and discuss. The admin's aren't going to watch your every move. But if we notice you keep dying every page, or get complaints, you better watch yourself.
+Be realistic. Your character dies in Royalty Academy, that bitch isn't coming back. But Maximum Ride, PUSH, Angel & Demons, we can see where you are coming from. Just give reasoning for the next post you make for that reliving character.

*Character Limit: Okay seriously, screw this rule. Do you see how many I have? Yeah. I'd be a hypocrite for enforcing a maximum. Honestly, as long as they are thought out, and you aren't constantly changing John's hair color from blonde to purple. Or calling Bobby, Bobby in one post, and Timmy in the other.

Spelling mishaps in spelling happens, just don't start writing along the lines of "aNd l-le saied hElL0 L0l" because if you do, I will reach through my computer screen and bitch slap you.
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Updated Rules November 2014
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