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 Marcus Son of Artemis

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PostSubject: Marcus Son of Artemis   Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:14 pm

(Time to bring him back)
Name : Marcus
Nicknames : Mark
Gender : Male
Age :15
Birthday : May 23
Place of Birth : Sterling Forest
Year at Camp :2
Time at Camp : Summer

God Parent : Artemis (explained in bio)
Mortal Parent(s) : Lysander the forest Hermit
Siblings :N/A
Pets : Tamed a Stag and rides it as a mount

General Appearance : (optional)
Picture :
Hair : Wild unkept brown hair
Eyes : Green
Height :5’11”
Weight :100Lbs
Body Type : Lean agile body, one arm much more muscular from many years using a bow and arrow.
Marks on the Body : Scars on the back from a bear attack.
Clothing : Handmade leather Jacket, Jeans, tee-shirt
Anything Else? :

General Personality : Relatively quiet, prefers nature over crowded cities. Calculating and cunning.
Flaws : claustrophobic, can’t swim
Fatal Flaw : almost incapable or reading human emotions
Likes : Nature, Archery, Bear meat
Dislikes : Spinach, Large cities, the Minotaur
Talents or Skills : Master archer even rivalling the children of Apollo, incredibly nimble, can fight with a bow in hand to hand situations as well from a distance

Powers : True-shot (by focusing solely on one target for several seconds he can let loose an arrow that tracks down the target, this isn't foolproof however as he must remain focused on the one target until his arrow hits) When a full moon is visible he becomes much stronger and faster and wounds heal almost instantly, but he must be in direct moonlight, so if it passes through a window then the light has no effect)
Weapon(s) : A bow that can shrink to a pendant that he wears around his neck, multiple arrows with tips made from both mortal metals and celestial bronze. 5” hunting knife, given to him by his father before he died.

Biography : Normally you wouldn't expect to see a child of Artemis, let alone a male, however She found my Father hunting once, and was fascinated by him, she watched as he stalked a heard of deer for hours, until they stopped to graze, he then watched them until the sun started to set, before walking up to one and killing it in its sleep with a knife, and without waking up the rest of the herd, dragged it away and started skinning it. When she saw just how seriously he took hunting, and his respect for nature she met him in person, she then enchanted his kill and said, ‘What you wish for most will be in that deer’s stomach.’ The jokes on her though, because all my father wanted was a son.
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PostSubject: Re: Marcus Son of Artemis   Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:26 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Marcus Son of Artemis   Sun Feb 02, 2014 5:14 pm

the weight desperately needs to be changed...

Click Here

Just in case you dont want to read that, here is a girl with the same height... and slightly more weight.


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PostSubject: Re: Marcus Son of Artemis   

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Marcus Son of Artemis
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