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 Sylver Song

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PostSubject: Sylver Song   Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:49 pm

I was bored and figured it was time I go ahead and make a new character ^_^

Name: Sylver Song
Nickname(s): Syl (Sylvie by close friends)
Age: 18
Appeared Age: (N/A if human)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual

Race: Avian hybrid

Hair Color: Pale pink
Hair Style: Syl's hair comes down to a bit past halfway down her back and falls in loose curls. She typically wears it down and doesn't care too much about her appearance, so it's usually messy and tangled.
Eye Color: Bright blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Build: (skinny/lean, muscular, fit, plump, etc) Fairly curvy and lean
Scar(s): Some surgery scars from being at the school and a few along her arms and back from fighting Erasers.
Birthmark(s): a vaguely star shaped one on her lower back
Tattoo(s): None
Piercing(s): Earrings
Clothing: Syl dresses in rather light sundresses or long, flow-y skirts. She wears a very large brown jacket that dwarves her and usually has on a pair of combat boots or just goes barefoot depending on where she is or how cold it is. She dresses for comfort rather than style.
General Appearance: (Four lines, three with a picture. Clothing lines count into appearance lines, minimum for both is one.)
Syl is about an average height with very long, oddly colored pink hair, and big blue eyes. Her wings are long and off-white, with a very subtle amount of pink showing. She has a fairly curvy build, especially for an avian hybrid. She has a very sweet appearance and is often told that she looks young for her age.


  • Chocolate
  • Building/Fixing things
  • Reading


  • Anything asymmetrical
  • Broken things
  • Cheese


  • Criticism
  • Having a lot of attention on her/standing out


  • Very good singer and dancer
  • Is very handy and good at fixing things


  • Very anxiety prone
  • Bad at communicating
  • Rather anti-social

General Personality:
Syl is extremely shy and reserved. She's uncomfortable around people and prefers to be on her own. She is really sweet and nice, but very uncomfortable being around people and tends to be nice more out of an obligation she feels to be polite than genuinity. She is very intelligent and rather odd. She has many nervous ticks and has trouble holding up a conversation. However, once she finds someone she can trust or feel comfortable with, it's difficult to get her to stop talking. That being said, there are very few people she genuinely enjoys being around. She tends to be fairly cool tempered, but getting on Syl's bad side is a grievous mistake. She can hold a grudge against anyone that seriously makes her angry and will go to extreme lengths if she's upset.

  • An old, worn copy of "The Road Not Taken and Other Poems" by Robert Frost


  • Syl isn't a very proficient fighter, but she carries a long knight, just in case


  • Healing


  • She can't heal herself
  • Takes a lot of energy

Father: Edward Song
Mother: Joan Song
Sibling(s): None
Pet(s): None

Three Important Things About Your Character and/or Its Past:

  • Syl was extremely anti-social, even as a small child
  • Syl's parents were rather wealthy socialites, extremely obsessed with image
  • She always had a knack for fixing or healing things.

Sylver's parents were extremely image obsessed socialites who hated anything that made them seem abnormal in their social group. It became very obvious, however, that Syl wasn't a "normal" child, with her very slow social development and obsession with "fixing" things. Not wanting to have anything that people could see as an imperfection, Syl's parents began frantically trying find a psychiatrist or doctor to help with Syl. However, everyone they talked to, just told them that there was nothing wrong with their child and that she was just shy. Unwilling to accept that answer, her parents continued searching until they found a doctor who told them he could help Syl, if she lived in a facility for a awhile. Desperate at that point, her parents agreed. Unbeknownst to them, though, the doctor was from the School and they never intended to return Syl to her parents and made her an Avian hybrid.

RP Sample: (at least 200 words; not necessary for second and third characters unless given notice)


How Did You Find Us?:

What Do We Call You?:

How Long Have You Been RPing?:

Where you invited, if so by who?:

"So, she's added cussing and hurling about of things to her repertoire. She really is a prodigy." Joss Whedon, Firefly
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PostSubject: Re: Sylver Song   Fri Jan 31, 2014 5:46 pm

Good Smile Welcome back River!
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Sylver Song
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