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 Corpse Princess Information

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PostSubject: Corpse Princess Information   Fri Jan 24, 2014 8:08 pm

Note:None of these words belong to me. They belong to Nyx.

In this world the dead can rise again, their past regrets and heavy obsessions causing their dead flesh to reanimate. These living corpses are known as the shikabane. These creatures live off the world, focusing only on their last meaning. The monks who fight these creatures can use freshly made shikabane as tool. Allowing them to go to heaven in return for killing 108 shikabane. The ones who make deals with the monks, become known as Shikabane hime. The ritual only allows girls from 8-16 to take the contract. These shikabane hime have fast regeneration and super strength. But to use their powers they require the life force their contracted monk.

monk: someone who fights shikabane

contracted monk: Someone who bound a shikabane hime to them.

Shikabane: A corpse brought back to life by regrets and obsessions (almost all of them violent)

shikabane hime: Same as shikabane but instead of turning evil, they fight other shikabane to get to heaven.
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Corpse Princess Information
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