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PostSubject: Spencer-Demigod   Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:10 pm

Name: Spencer Asami
Gender: Female
Age:(Only 5-20) 15
Birthday: April 13th
Place Of Birth: Seattle
Year At Camp: 5th
Time At Camp: Summer and Winter breaks

God Parent: Apollo
Mortal Parent(s): Victoria Asami
Siblings?: Nope
Pets: at home she has a hairless cat named Sadie

General Appearance: Spencer kind of comes off as fragile with her pale skin and skinny body. She had a very caring look to her, and has been told she has a warm smile.
Hair: Auburn, but more of the red side. Goes down to her middle back with full bangs in the front.
Eyes: Bright blue.
Body Type: Skinny but healthy, with the, ya know, womanly parts that develop.
Marks On The Body: She has her ears pierced...
Clothing: 3-quarter long sleeved shirt that's white with 5 red strips in the center of her chest. She asks wears jean shorts and denim colored lace less shoes that just slip into her feet. She sometimes wears a gray zip up sweater. When she has to wear gladiator gear, like durin capture the flag and around camp, she usually wears jeans, a dark red long sleeved shirt and brown combat boots.
Anything Else?:

General Personality: Spencer is very carefree. She doesn't bother worrying about much, and tends to not like to linger in the past. She likes to keep moving forward, which is a good thing for her, but friends tend to no be able to keep up with her. So she is a bit of a loner. She doesn't mind being alone though, because it gives her time to listen to some music. Spencer is generally a nice and chilled person, but it doesn't mean she'll take crap from people. And tends to speak her mind when needed. Also, she doesn't really like to talk much, not for fear if social interactions, she just doesn't feel the need to tell everyone everything about her next or previous motives. She likes to just go out and do stuff, letting people tag along and keep up if they want.
Flaws: Forgetful, bites her nails
Fatal Flaw: tends to be very absent minded to problems.. a little too much
Havin fun

The dark
People who try to start or create a dramatic situation for her

Talents or Skills:

Powers: Light Manipulation- generate, manipulate and/or absorb light particles. She is stronger in the light than she is in the dark. She also has practice in healing others.
Weapon(s): Bow and Arrows that transform into a small ring with amber on it. A small dagger she keeps strapped to her thigh.

Biography: Spencer was born to Victoria and Apollo in Seattle. Her mother always knew Apollo was a god, so she accepted the fact that he had to leave, and she always said Spencer had Apollo's eyes. Her young childhood was pretty much normal. Her mother was a working single parent, they lived in an apartment, and Spencer usually spent her time with friends. One day, while walking around the city, she kept seeing monsters in places like alley's and in sewers, so when she got home she tol her mom. They were close, so her mom told her everything then took her to camp.
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