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 Aspen- Demigod

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PostSubject: Aspen- Demigod   Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:08 pm

Name: Aspen Tanokin
Nicknames?: N/A
Gender: Male
Age:(Only 5-20) 17
Birthday: November 14th
Place Of Birth:
Year At Camp: 9th year
Time At Camp: Year Rounder

God Parent: Hermes
Mortal Parent(s):
Siblings?: Nope

General Appearance: Peopel have mentioned that he is pretty good looking, charming smile, pretty eyes, but underneath all that, he has a very mischievous look.
Hair: Dirty Blonde, light brown. He kind of pushes it off to he side and back, like Naill does from one direction(sorry for my lack of better things to relate his hair too)
Eyes: light green
Weight:155 ( I dunno... The average weight.)
Body Type: He has a skinny built. Not scrawny, but close to average.
Marks On The Body: He has a birth mark on his shoulder.
Clothing: He usually wears band tee's, jeans and Keds/vans. He will also wear a jacket or sweater.
Anything Else?:

General Personality: Aspen is generally a nice guy. He's extremely loyal and kind. But he i also, most of the time, a little prankster. He loves messing with people. Causing trouble. But he was never one to leave the mess. He would always pick it up too. Unless.. You know,, he really hate you.
Flaws: he can be a big softy, goes a little too far with pranks.
Fatal Flaw: friends. Definitely. He couldn't bare watching them get hurt, because he means everything in a good way.

Dislikes:(At least 3)
Talents or Skills;
Running, yup defiantly.
Pull pranks (of course)
Communication skills.

Powers: Since his father is the messages of the gods, he must have to speak other languages right? So, aspen can speak pretty much every language. Can read or write them, but can speak them. Like something triggers his brain.
Weapon(s): A sword, and a few throwing knives. His sword transforms into a chain around his neck.

RP Example:
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Aspen- Demigod
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