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PostSubject: Maxine-Student   Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:07 pm


Name: Maxine Evans
Birthday: July 18th
Age/year: 16, her 6th year
Gender: Female
House: (Gryffindor, Syltherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff)Gryffindor
Homeland: (REMEMBER- Hogwarts is in England and there are wizarding schools all over the world; if you make anything but English, make sure you explain why they're in England in the history!) England..
Bloodline: (Muggleborn, Half-blood, Pure-blood) Pure-blood


[Image of Character Here: Optional]

General Appearance Max has been considered to be very pretty. She has soft skin that gets pale in the winter and tan in the summer. She looks younger than she is, giving her an innocent and underestimated look.
Hair: (Length, style, color, etc... and please choose something relatively realistic) Dirty Blonde, shoulder length, with the back a little shorter. Her hair matches her eyes, but it's more on the yellow side, like her eyes.
Eyes: Greenish yellow.
Build/Stature:: Petite and curvy. She's about 5'4
Other: Im basing her off of me, so if you've seen a picture of me (with my new haircut, the shoulder length on) then she looks me.


Max acts very much like her Patronus, the Ox. She has two sides of the spectrum; on one side she can be very loving, outgoing, funny, then on the other side she can be serious, strict, and aggressive. She has always been a loyal person, but a lot of scarred friendships have left her with some trust issues excuse she doesn't pick her friends well. Growing up she was always a brave child, representing the Gryffindor house very well, but growing up she developed a few fears like drowning and centipedes, and not really appreciating the house ghosts. She is also very headstrong, and can sometimes come off as a bitch, but when she gets close to people they influence her greatly and she's actually really nice. Some of her flaws might be that she can be really moody, she thinks she's right too often, and usually says things that people take the wrong way.


Max grew up in a very.. Realistic home. They weren't nice about everything, but they weren't horribly abusive. They were accepting of all her opinions and ideas, and tend to not pressure her into anything. She's an only child, but has many cousins. When she's home, she's usually very lonely, becaus her only friends are at hogwarts. So she's always looking for friends. She doesn't really have any best friends, because she's very independent. As a young girl, she wasn't bullied, but she always picked the wrong friends, so she has trust issues. Usually the problem is mind over matter, when a real friend could come along but she pushes them away. Over all, she's nice, but you need to prove that you can be more than just an inclass/ small conversation friend. In her free time, she usually likes to dance, or practice her French horn (like me!). She's actually really great at both things, but tends to have self doubt.


(Just write about 200 words of Roleplay here ;P Only necessary on 1st characters unless told otherwise)
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