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 Lassie- Shikabane

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PostSubject: Lassie- Shikabane    Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:57 pm


Name: (full name, if human) Lassie Sohen (LAY-se)

Nickname(s): Lase (Lace)

Alias: None



Hair Color:Purplish Brown

Hair Style: Loose, scraggly waves, down the her middle back.

Eye Color:Dark Blue



Build: (skinny/lean, muscular, fit, plump, etc) Skinny, with curves

Scar(s): Bruises around the base of her neck



Piercing(s):Just her ears.

Clothing: Black leather jacket, gray zip up hoodie, purple v-neck, skinny jeans, and black combat boots.

General Appearance: Lassie is a very beautiful girl with pale skin, but because of her history, she constantly looks pained and upset. She is small and lean, which allows her to move swiftly. She is also flexable, and has has the charisma of someone who had been in gymnastics.

General Personality:Lassie is kind of... Badass. She really isn't afraid to do anything, and can usually outsmart others. She'd extremely intelligent, but sometimes her feel for revenge gets in the way and causes her to get into some bad situations. She usually acts very cold and blunt to others, and sad most of the time. So it's unusual to see her be caring and kind, but she does have it in her.

Regrets and desires keeping them alive

She doesn't really have any regrets. She lived life to the fullest, but the whole situation turned her. She usually regrets killing people, but in the end she feels good. She wants to prevent people from the situation. She was in.

Father: Lester Sohen (deceased)

Mother: Joane Sohen

Sibling(s):Older Brother, Stephan

Pet(s): None

Friend(s):Not really

Lover(s):Barely any

Three Important Things About Your Character and/or Its Past:

• She had a basic, perfect family in the downtown of a city

• She was gang raped and strangled.

• She usually goes after rapists, people who sexually abuse in general
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Lassie- Shikabane
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