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PostSubject: Races    Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:22 pm

Note:None if these are my original words. They belong to Admins- Haine, Nyx, and Betamax

Humans are people like you and me, nothing upgraded or edited about them. Currently there are only two genders when it comes to humans, male and female with males being bigger and with facial hair and females being smaller and slimmer. Of course thats a generalization, its very possible for a female to be bigger then a male and have facial hair. The downsides of playing as a human are the lack of mutations and animal parts, meaning that they arn't what everyone really wants in a character. However they do have one rather nice upside, with a human character you can allow it to grow and expand before finally deciding the put it through extreme pain and torture to give it the ability to spawn cheese, you greedy, greedy person.

Eraser Experiments
Erasers are experiments that were crossed with wolf dna, usually 98% human, 2% wolf. Often being male though there are occasionally females, these experiments are tough, mean and rather vicious. Because of there high success rate Erasers tend to be a very common experiment, quite often they are brawny/muscular build and have yellow or red eyes and used as body guards / soldiers. Erasers are most often test tube babies, have enlarged teeth and have claws on their hands even when in their most human form. Though this all depends on their genes and the amount of DNA splicing, not to mention what GEN. or project they are. The common Eraser usually has 3 forms or stages. Stage one consists of their most human form, looking anywhere from totally human to human with slight features such as enlarged teeth or claws, sometimes in rare occasions ears and tails. Stage 2 is where their features become sharper they grow slightly larger, this is the most awkward looking stage since they are at that almost morphing stage so their bodies and DNA becomes unstable. The final stage is where they completely morph their bodies into that of a large wolf like creature, standing on two legs they do much resemble what a werewolf would look like. Large, muscular, furry and very, very angry… Erasers may be common but they are not to be messed with or underestimated.

Enhanced Humans
Enhanced humans are basically normal people with enhancements (Hence the name.) Because of this it means that they are strictly human, with no added genes, wings, eraser form, ect, ect. Enhanced humans generally have their basic senses upgraded (Eye site, hearing, ect, ect) as well as strength and speed. With this also can come with slight mutations allowing your Enhanced human characters to be able to have powers as well as the upgraded strength.

Avian Hybrids
Avians are a hybrid human crossover created by the school. Raised from birth or grown by tube in the school they have 98% human DNA and 2% bird. The scales are often tipped with different experiments giving a range of different combinations. Avians have a pair of large wings, very light due to hollow bones but normally no other differences are present.
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