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 steamed an orginal story and hint to an upcoming RP ;)

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PostSubject: steamed an orginal story and hint to an upcoming RP ;)   Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:55 pm

A partially completed story by your truly, Not edited.

Lyra* grunted pulling the wrench harder and With a small squeal the valve tightened shut. She let out a deep breath, her fingers tightening on the metal along the neck of her project. After a couple seconds of rest she pulled up her bronze plated goggles looking over her work.
Her dark blue eyes scanning over the machine. Her golden hair was pulled back behind her head with a red ribbon, a green parted vest wrested over her shoulders, covering what her red strapped shirt revealed. Lyra scooted off the table patting out her green short shorts and pulling up her flat mechanics boots.
Her eyes widened as she caught sight of the clock on the wall. "Shit! Cecilia will be here soon!" She cursed her gloved hands quickly tucking her scan tool into the pouch strapped to her leg. Her parents were out for the day, and since it was summer, her friends were mostly free.
Hurriedly Lyra pulled the plugs on the partly built metal dragon sitting in the middle of the floor by her desk, and pushed it up next to the wall. Quickly she dashed into he bathroom to give her face a quick wash. Applying just a bit of makeup, she heard the unmistakeable ring of her door bell.
A smile spreading across her face, Lyra walked to the front door and looked over its polished surface before turning the knob to let her friend in.
"Hey!" Cecilia* yelled pushing the door open and pulling her friend into her arms. "I haven’t seen you in so long!" She smiled brightly, her dark attire making an odd contrast to her bright personality.
"Yeah I know... But work has been big lately." She responded sheepishly, feeling bad for not hanging out more.
"Everyone seems to have something to fix now a days." Cecilia added before quickly digging into her pocket. "Check it out!" She giggled revealing a softly polished gold pocket watch.
"Oh my god... did Darrias get you that?" Lyra asked her eyes wide, Gold was so expensive right at the moment, the majority of Mechanical things were bronze.
"Mhmm, had that guy from the guild make it, Its adorable!" She continued excitedly, popping open the latch to show off the analog clock inside, the dial made of clear glass to show the complex system of gears within it and the hands made of a bright silver.
"Its amazing... must have cost him a fortune!" Lyra Exclaimed running a finger over her friends gift.
Cecilia tucked it back into her pocket a soft red glow to her face, "He is amazing..." She spoke dreamily before snapping out as she spotted the half built dragon in the corner. "what is that?" She asked looking over the system of gears showing through the open hatch.
"I’m making a problem solving mechanical dragon." She answered vaguely her brown leather gloves moving to her hips as she thought. "The idea was to use light sensitive crystals to give it sight... and have it so that the dragon could follow along behind me, Not very useful though." She sighed turning and going down to hall, letting her friend gawk at the dragon.
It worked, but she couldn’t find a use for it besides carrying a single bag, besides that she hadn’t thought to do anything else. She quickly opened the boiler room door and scooped a bucket full of coal out of the basket. Turning the knob, she dumped it into the fire.
Slowly the dials above it rose, the lights in the house brightening as the tank gained pressure, moving the turbine and giving her house power.
When Lyra got back, Cecilia was already bored of the dragon and now was sitting on the couch studying the pocket watch. "You my friend are obsessed.." Lyra chuckled picking up the news paper from the front door. After just a quick scan she sighed.
"Looks like Nuva is having issues again..." She scowled turning her attention back to her friend. "Cecilia?" She asked noticing her friend wasn’t looking at the watch, but out the window. A chill ran across her spine as she moved into the living room to get a look.
Cecilia continued staring, her face clouded over. "Fire."

Chapter 2

The foul stench of burning kerosene and oil hung in the air around them, Stinging at there eyes. Quickly Lyra dragged her friend down the stairs outside. The once bright brick work of the surrounding houses were now grey with soot. People struggled out of there homes, confused and scared, the smoke so thick they could see no more then a block.
The damage wasn’t bad yet, the flames all coming from downtown, the tips of the inferno reaching up over the houses. There Shoes stumbled over the cobblestone pavement as they fought towards the garage, The noxious fumes bringing them close to gagging. Lyra pushed along the wall and roughly felt along it for the switch.
The smooth button sank back as her hand knocked over it, being followed by the crunch of gears as the door was lifted up. Cecilia coughed, struggling to breath as they hurriedly ran to the sides of the car trying to find the handles. The hinges creaked as they pushed into the small Cricket, Its tiny Chassis lighting up Dully as Lyra's fingers ran over the switches in her attempt to start it.
"Please!" She pleaded with the machine finally finding the starter. For a moment it was silent, but the tank of compressed air in the back held up and suddenly the lights in the front flashed on and the small roof lights went as well, showing the controls and steering wheel.
In a sudden Lurch Lyra pulled back the parking brake and pushed her foot on the accelerator. With no sound but the panting of the two girls the Cricket pulled out and onto the road, Its sleek black hull sliding through the smoke.
"Whats happening..." Cecilia murmured, fear obvious on her face, Soot staining her complexion. Lyra opened her mouth but no ideas came. Turning her head she thumbed the radio... but there was nothing but static.
Chapter 3

The cricket pushed on down the street, the Roads were stuffed full of cars, people honking and yelling in a bundle of confusion.
The smoke rose darker and higher as more houses and building caught on the blaze. Cecilia was sobbing silently with her head pressed against the window, Lyra clenching the steering wheel, the brown gloves hiding her white knuckles.
A low rumble ran threw the cricket and Lyra looked up her heart speeding up. A second shiver shook the chassis as The road went dead silent. Everyone stared down the street, Not a single breath was released as fear flooded the crowded street.
Seconds passed and Lyra blinked her mind racing. Suddenly the people at the corner screamed turning on there heels to run. Shards of glass, bits of brick and chunks of wood were shot out onto the street as the house on the corner exploded. The debris rained down on the road, bits of housing crushing everything in its path.
The yells intensified as dust rose from what was left of the building. Lyra stared transfixed in horror as a massive dull grey limb rose from the settling dirt and stepped forth, a dirty hull and second leg rising forth after the first. Large flat metal braces worked as feet, the hydraulic legs covered with thick meal, a oval top rested above them, a small viewing deck, and a still smoking gun on the side*.
A shell dropped through the side of the hull, a hydraulic piston pushing it into the barrel and locking it into place. Along the ground between the cars a single person pushed through the crowd, The clothing a dark grey and a tinted helmet in place. The side of the hall quickly sparkled, sparks chipping off of the side, The gun stopped and the hull turned to give the pilots view. A smaller Vulcan model gun turned its way towards the tiny assailant.
It held then quickly began to spin. Lone soldier quickly dashed for the side under the hull as a torrent of bright yellow bullets ripped through the air, tearing into the earth below, bits of pavement flying up. With nimble fingers the grey clothed soldier reached into the side of the pants, a dark green ball in hand, with a well timed throw it landed next to the right leg. yellow light sparkled from the orb, and instantly the earth shook red flames pushing out from the centre of the blast, tearing apart the steel leg.
The sound of screeching metal penetrated the cricket as the Man continued running jumping over a wall of brick and disappearing from sight. The tank's leg quickly folded over, hundreds of tons of metal following suit, the cricket lurched back hazardously, as the cars in front of it were crushed several nearby being blown back as a cloud of dust shot outward. Lyra was shocked back to her sense's adrenaline bringing her back. Quickly she knocked the cricket back into gear, manoeuvring around the other vehicles as she sought out a way to leave.


There's one sad truth in life I've found
While journeying east and west -
The only folks we really wound
Are those we love the best.
We flatter those we scarcely know,
We please the fleeting guest,
And deal full many a thoughtless blow
To those who love us best.
Nyx Sable Lanius Leanne Demmetias
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steamed an orginal story and hint to an upcoming RP ;)
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