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 The Life of Haine

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PostSubject: The Life of Haine   Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:42 pm

Date of Character Creation: 2008
Frequently used?: Yes
Was this character originally based off yourself?: Yes
Does this character still really represent you?: No, haha. Not these days. Thank god, hahahaha. (she's crazy xD)
Other things: Once apon a time, believe it or not, she was one of the good guys.
History of creation: I believe I was back in grade 8, bored out of my right mind and spending the week at my Catholic Grandma's (and I myself am not religious so I was trying to avoid one of her Talks.) because my parents were away on a trip. I had been on rp sites before but the one I had been on I had left because I was uninterested in the book series it had been based on. I was in the middle of reading the first Maximum Ride book and was completely hooked so there for I googled "Maximum Ride Role Play Site." up popped a list of sites and right at the top was a really active one, after reading the rules I was totally stoked and ready to join. So hense she was created.

Her original look was molded off myself, brown hair, brown eyes, short and not overly smiley. (back then I wasn't) Her look hasn't changed too much other than she now has red eyes, claws, etc, she's a little taller and a bit more chest endowed than myself, haha.

As for Personality... Good god! xD It has changed ALOT! Yet again so has mine so I think it influenced my writing style. I decided to branch her away from myself and make her her own person! She use to be that innocent little character with the bad temper, she cried a lot

Character Back story:
(I will add this in tomorrow haha)
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The Life of Haine
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