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 Zero, a new time an old story

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PostSubject: Zero, a new time an old story   Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:02 pm

Name: Zero
Age: 18
Appeared Age: 18
Gender: switches
Orientation: curious

Race: enhanced human

Hair Color: blue
Hair Style: straight
Eye Color: maroon
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 120
Build: skinny, fairly lean
Scar(s): N/a
Tattoo(s): N/A
Piercing(s): N/A
Clothing: a tight form fit suit of armor, Her right hand is covered by a thick gauntlet, her left wearing a fingerless glove.
General Appearance:
in her male form Zero has wings.


  • Sweets
  • Nature
  • fresh air


  • being crowded
  • smoke
  • unable to do what she wants


  • being held down
  • tight spaces


  • she is very nimble and can bend in every direction imaginable
  • a con artist at heart


  • over calculates often
  • becomes stressed easily
  • She often hesitates

General Personality: Zero is very bright spirited, she has a fierce outlook on her own beliefs and will protect them will lethal force. depending on which form she is in, Zero can vary in her choices a great deal. her personality that of another person basically. She has very strong morals, and tends to stick very close by them. She had grown very fond of the old doctor and use's "what he would do" to think for herself.

  • N/A


  • double sided sword


  • In her male form Zero has hydrokinesis (including ice)

  • in Female form Zero has Pyrokinesis


  • In Male form Zero gets weak in great heat
  • In female form low temperatures weaken her.

Father: N/A
Mother: N/A
Sibling(s): N/A
Pet(s): N/A
Friend(s): N/A
Lover(s): N/A

Three Important Things About Your Character and/or Its Past:

  • The school found the body of a boy wearing armor buried by a burnt house.
  • Has the DNA of male and female due to the other bodie's genetics getting included in the cryochamber.
  • cant remember her past before waking up.

History: Zero sat under ground. His fight for himself, maria, and his friends leading to his own demise. The Girl he'd secretly liked before she turned having ended his life. Zero's soul was restless even in death. The area around the two person graveyard never healing. The mass EMF reading lead the school to the spot where they collected the remains and brought them back for testing, because of the superb condition of the corpses, they managed to get Zero's body out, and right into a cryochamber, a hair from maria getting added into the DNA injected into the stem cell used to repair Zero's body. Demmetias's newest formula stabilized the plasmids added to experiments, and caused the crevice that would make Zero's body unable to be used, to support the dual genders. When Zero was released he had his full memory. The world was done. The school had won. In a fit of rage to find Nyx, Sai and all the rest... deceased... He took his pain on the eraser children, tearing apart Haine and Varrien. The world was done, the planet ready to crumble. But inside an old school Zero found Demmetias... working on a machine. A time machine. While aiding the good doctor, there first experiment went wrong, The blast of radiation causing Zero to experience his first form change. To his female self. The changes were random and unexpected. By the time the machine was done Zero could almost control them. with much effort. Demmetias was happy to send Zero back to the past, in return for saving Toxic... Whom had been brutally slaughtered during the war that had been created once the school had no one to fight but itself. When Zero went through the machine she could just remember bits and pieces from her memory. But it was getting stronger. She remembered her promise clearly though. She is willing to do anything to right the past wrongs and give the doctor what he deserved.


Where you invited, if so by who?:


There's one sad truth in life I've found
While journeying east and west -
The only folks we really wound
Are those we love the best.
We flatter those we scarcely know,
We please the fleeting guest,
And deal full many a thoughtless blow
To those who love us best.
Nyx Sable Lanius Leanne Demmetias
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Zero, a new time an old story
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