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 Number 13 Baby

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PostSubject: Number 13 Baby   Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:29 am

Name: Kazuki Sawamura
Nickname(s): Zombie, Monkey, Supreme Zombie General, Bloody Mary
Age: 77
Birthday: 30/03/1935
Appeared Age: 23
Experiment Number: 13
Gender: Male
Orientation: Pansexual
Occupation: Itex special operations squad leader
Theme song:

Race: Freezer Gang
A bad nickname but one that stuck none the less. It originated from the conditions that every member of the experiment's raised in, literally a giant walk in freezer. The experiments themselves date back to when Itex was just a simple new blooming organization, still yet to take the first steps into splicing dogs and humans. To put it simply the aim of the Freezer Gang was immortality, the philosophers stone of the organization. This followed with varying levels of success, most had extended life but suffered from major problems that made them practically useless. The experiments stopped in 1959 with the more successful results simply being locked inside of the school vault. Naturally, the subjects from this have a real life previous to being taken into Itex, previously they created immortal test tube babies, but an immortal fetus is nothing to be happy about.

The physical build of these individuals is partially unique. All of them have very light skin, hair and eyes. Because of this they're easily distinguishable if you know what you're looking for. Most members are thin to a extreme level, however this isn't a general rule for all of them.

Hair Color: Silver
Hair Style: Shaggy
Eye Color: Silver
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 81kg
Build: Lean
Scar(s): Various slashes over torso
Birthmark(s): None
Tattoo(s): A circle with a triangle in the center, each point touching the rim of the circle, on the center of both palms
Piercing(s): None
Clothing has to be warm to suit for the ice cold conditions of 'The Freezer'. Because of this Kazuki constantly wears his black fur rimmed duffel coat. Coming in at only thigh length the rest of his body is usually covered with a thick black shirt, black pants and black climbing boots. Well jewelry is rare for him he has his one precious item of his circle triangle amulet attached to thin leather string.
General Appearance:


Kazuki Sawamura has got an appearance that isn't often forgotten, which as many can imagine can be quite a problem in the mutant world. His skin, hair and eyes are all freakishly light, a sad side effect from all the years spent in a coffin, one hundred meters underground. His skin is white, even more so then the average member of 'The Freezer Gang', a naturally light skinned group. His eyes, light silver, reflections of the moon. Hair being light gray, slightly shaggy. His face is shaped sharply, giving the constant appearance of someone that simply doesn't care. Naturally if you've lived as long as Kazuki has you gain a few battle scars, in Kazuki's position he has tattoos, more specifically the circle with a triangle in the center, each point touching the rim of the circle on each of his palms. Overall Kazuki appears as an average member of 'The Freezer Gang, just a little paler then the majority.


  • Smoking
  • Pain
  • Ice Cream


  • Atheists
  • Know it alls
  • Being babied


  • Death
  • Medication


  • Painting
  • Fighting - He's been doing it for 54 years
  • Running


  • Arrogant
  • Complainer
  • Mentally weak

General Personality: Kazuki's cocky, it would be hard not to in his position. Sadly this comes out in way to many aspects. He tries not to lean to heavily between a alignment of either good or evil, instead finding himself shoved rather oddly into chaotic neutral. This is ok. This leads him to suggest and do things that would be considered rather 'evil' well also standing up for others and generally following the law. In general Kazuki considers himself a bad guy, however the years of life that he has had makes him a rather mellow person about this. His protective nature came from his two children which he lost in his time in the coffin. For the most part Kazuki is eccentric to say the least, often his actions can change halfway through doing something. Risky situations are everyday occasions for, he can't die so why bother trying to be safe. The out come from this is that Kazuki's drunk almost 24/7 pushing his erratic nature even further, as well as going through a pack of cigarettes a day. When sober however he's shown to have a very serious personality, almost becoming a different person. Due to the constant years of drinking he's able to drink much more before reaching the 'wasted' stage then a normal person. This long life is often followed by a large list of other bad habits, the biggest of these is gambling and swearing. Spending the majority of his life either in a coffin or working as a doctor Kazuki has always been in between levels of wealth, gambling is simply and extension of this. Religion is Kazuki's life, literally. Almost ever action he has is affected by it in some way or another. He prays often, dogma of his religion being which of constant prayer. Because of this his most valued item is his amulet which he will often pray to before a battle as well as afterwards, however he will often complain about doing so, claiming it to be one of the parts of his dogma which he hates the most. Immortality has lead to Kazuki being very disrespectful to others, making him often 'the most foul mouthed person (they've) ever met'. This mixed with his arrogance gives him a very calm demeanor, making him relaxed in most situations. This can fall however if in a situation that would be able to kill him. He frequently engaged opponents with no regard for strategy, save to acquire some of their blood. Even battles aren't saved from constant bad jokes and mocking, even if he's losing. Speaking of which taking help is something that he despises greatly, only looking for it when he really needs it. People who follow another god on the other hand tend to get on his nerves, especially if they try and suggest that his god is fake or that their god is better, this often results in a 'my god is better than yours' argument. Pain has become an addiction, a joy, not what it is for the usual person. Well one man may try to hide away from pain, Kazuki finds it to be a link to enlightenment, believing that it's one step closer to becoming perfect. Kazuki had absolutely no moral restraints regarding the people he killed; he considered slaughter a religious calling, and often took considerable pleasure in making his opponents' deaths as painful as possible. Because of this he often regards his killing as an art.


  • Zippo lighter
  • Cigarettes
  • Small metal flagon filled with vodka


  • Black retractable spear, can be pulled back into a cylinder with a foot long length.
  • Hunting knife attached to the side of his leg.
  • Pocket knife in, err, the pocket.


  • Immortality- Able to survive massive damage to his body, Kazuki can survive on the bear minimum, this being a partially intact brain. He doesn't need to eat, breath or drink, however he finds a desire to these things like a normal person would. He has the same emotions that everyone else does, he can simply survive beyond things that would kill someone a thousand times over. If a limb is removed from the body he will only have minor control over it (flopping), this can be tracked back to the brain, meaning if the head is cut off he would only have minor control over the rest of his body.
  • Enhanced Healing- Kazuki heals at a much faster pace then the normal human, causing bleeding to stop very quickly, as well as this he can heal in places others normally wouldn't, I.E broken bones push them selves into place.
  • Injury Projection- On the consumption of DNA, usually in the form of blood, all injuries that Kazuki takes are also projected onto the original source of the DNA. New DNA overwrites previous DNA. It is worth noting that only the damage to the bodies gets transfered, so if you drink a poison you'll be the only one that has the poison, but if the poison damaged your heart then the DNA originator will also take the damage.
  • Enhanced Strength- Kazuki's strength is enhanced to levels beyond the normal human


  • Self Injury- Kazuki's power causes himself to injure himself to go to the true potential of his abilities.
  • Reckless- Kazuki's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Because of this his battle strategy is very limited aside from, 'get blood'.


Three Important Things About Your Character and/or Its Past:

History: A reckless attempt at eternal life, but an attempt none the less. Sure, some died, some lived the rest of eternity in pain, but that was a price that had to be paid for the greater good, a needed stepping stone into the future. Kazuki was one of the lucky ones, to a certain extent, life came to him with no problem, only the payment of his previous. Prior to the school Kazuki had in fact been a teacher, one school to another, the irony wasn't lost on him. Of course the transformation, the large number of chemicals being pumped into you, it changed things, it changed his memory. Forgotten are the days of yesterday, the cries for help during a hard question, the only cries for help down here where for freedom. Many died out, not lasting the week, but Kazuki was one of the lucky ones, he lived and with the desired results. But of course, this meant he had to be used, biological warfare was on the rise, and Kazuki was a prime delivery. But, wars end, and so do dreams. In 1959 the funding for the project stopped. But where did that leave Kazuki, the undying trash from a failed experiment. The answer came more out of desperation then logic, in short, Kazuki got put in the freezer. The freezer is of course codename for an Antarctic base that Itex had under it's control, the immortal experiments where literally put into coffins and buried under the ground. For fifty-two years Kazuki lived on the base, during his time his mind twisted things and he began to blame his abilities not on science, but on god, believing god gave him his eternal life. but alas, all good things come to and end. Expedition of the Arctic area was on the rise, which in turn lead to the chance of the base being found increasing. Needless to say it was destroyed, along with the more useless experiments, the remaining living where dug up and tested for new abilities, out of the fifty-two that where on the base, only three where considered useful enough to deserve a part in the future plan, the war. Since then Kazuki has become a fighter in the war, his skills often coming under an umbrella of special operations.

Quote :
Gauge my eyes out so that I may feel the pain of the blind.
Carve my ears out so that I may feel the pain of the deaf.
Crush my brain in so I can feel the pain of the diseased.
Skin my body, disembowel me so that I may feel the pain of the prey.
Break my bones so that I may feel the pain of the disabled.
Snap my spin so that I may feel the pain of the paralyzed.
Burn me to a crisp, to know the pain of the burned.
Electrocute me, maybe just for fun.
Scalp me, for the pain of the ones in my past.
Shoot me for the pain of the veterans.
Drown me in acid, so that I may feel worse pain than the drowned.
Tear my heart out, so that I may feel the pain of the broken hearted.
For I am loyal to you.
Lock me up forever, for the pain of the insane.
For I am insane lord.

But not for following your path,
For staying astray.
From your light,
In the early years of my life.

Give me this pain,
Your greatest of blessings.
So that I may,
Show my devotion.

As my red soul,
Drips away.
As I sacrifice to you.
Let all my troubles,
Flow away.
With the crimson pleasure.
That you have blessed our kind with.

Bring to me the pain,
That atheists can not stand.
So that I may show.
My loyalty to you.

Oh great lord and savior,
My lord.
I shall sacrifice my crimson soul to you,
Till the day I die.
You have my full devotion,
If I are to stray from your Divine rule.
Feel free to strike me down.
If I ever dare stray.

Quote :
Mindless sleep, it spread over years, spreading out in every direction, it replaced all other memories. The darkness it was an all consuming void and he was the food, slowing being eaten on. He was dying, if that was possible, his body slowly being drained of nutrients, nothing to hold it together, he was falling apart. Air had run out early, hours in. He longed for the sleep, the embrace of death that wouldn't come.


Nothing could reach him down here, no sound. He used to amuse himself with thoughts of hearing birds calling, the flapping of wings, but it soon became inevitable that their was nothing, apart from this. Their it was again, the deafening boom. There was shaking in the coffin, dust fell from the roof, falling into his open mouth. He would cough, but he had fallen away from such things years ago. Another, again, shaking Kazuki inside of his coffin. Suddenly, falling, the bridge had broken. He could feel the coffin sliding on rock, then free fall. His body shuddered, limbs hitting wood, a breaking of the seal on the coffin. Freedom. He reached outwards weakly, pushing against the heavy wood. Nothing, no movement. After all this would he be killed by a heavy door. No, this was it, all or nothing. He pushed out once moor, the door slowly raised, letting in blinding light. It fell open, letting in air, perfect air. Kazuki coughed, dust firing out of his mouth as he breathed in. Lights blooming above, fire expanding steadily, it was all a blur, impossible to see without hours of readjusting. He pushed himself upwards, sitting on his bent knees. Cocking back his head he gave a cry, an animal cry, pure emotion. Freedom.


How Did You Find Us?: I am the Alpha and the Omega

What Do We Call You?: The admin of life

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PostSubject: Re: Number 13 Baby   Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:32 am

Interesting character finn! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Number 13 Baby   Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:10 pm

T_T Oh lord...
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PostSubject: Re: Number 13 Baby   Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:54 pm

My goodness, I am quite interested to see what Finn will make of this character...
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PostSubject: Re: Number 13 Baby   Thu Nov 15, 2012 2:28 pm

This is ready to be looked at.
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PostSubject: Re: Number 13 Baby   Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:00 pm

*_* oh my... and I use to think my character sheets were big. This looks awesome Finn! Smile Can't wait for you to use this guy!
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PostSubject: Re: Number 13 Baby   Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:38 pm

Thanks Amy, but uh, you should totally approve it and stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: Number 13 Baby   Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:16 am

Six days since last post, giving this a bump.
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PostSubject: Re: Number 13 Baby   Wed Nov 21, 2012 11:35 am

Amy >.<
Approved. Moving to accepted characters.


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PostSubject: Re: Number 13 Baby   Wed Nov 21, 2012 12:18 pm

Ahhhh! Sorry! I forgot we weren't allowed to approve our own stuff xD I just assumed you'd approve it! haha my bad!
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PostSubject: Re: Number 13 Baby   

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Number 13 Baby
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