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 tobias blake

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PostSubject: tobias blake   Mon Feb 08, 2010 9:39 pm

Full Name: Tobias blake
Hair color: Black and shaggy.
Date of Birth: 1996
age: 14
skin tone: Pale.
Eye color: black, like all black just a massive pupil.
Physical Description: The word shrew like is wasted on this man because he looks nothing like one. He is however tall with black shaggy hair. He tends to wear and old coat he found at a opt’shop along with a large grey top. Blue worn jeans with grey sneakers. He has a very ragged face, that isn’t helped by the large frameless glasses. Rat form: He also dubles as a sewer rat, He has short dark hair with the same black eyes and a long tail.
Personality: Quite, At the small time that he went to school he was classed as an outclass. This was probley due to the freakish time it took his to solve a rubix cube ( 56 seconds if you must know.) He then grew up as a kid that everyone knew just no one knew knew. He tended to spend most of his school career lying on walls and playing his ocarina. Once he became a rat it was like he changed completly. A shy boy turns into one who questions nearly everything and tends to get into fights.
Powers: He can turn into a rat, His clothing sinks in with his skin. And maybe more? ‘-‘
Extra Info :
Background: He excepted the school at a young age, However he was found by and old cupple who adopted him. He spent the first half of his life in there care pretending that he didn’t remember where he came from. Then a tradgerty happened, The family died in a car crash tobias was the only survivor. He was juggled around with the couples real children for a while. One all ways drunk the other just didn’t care. He went to school grew up had a near normal life. But then he started having dreams of the place he tried to forget, the school. Then one night he awoke as a rat. He paniced and ran from the building into the sewers what he saw down there changed him, Rats just treating each other as equals no real rules because rules would ruin it just plain old piece. He some how found his way out and changed back. However he spent all of his time that wasn’t at school he was in the sewers. Then one day he thought ‘screw them why don’t I just live like this? So he left school and if now living in the sewers.
song that fits you character: Five for fighting superman ( or is not easy ( same song two names))
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tobias blake
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