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 Second charrie :D (Done)

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PostSubject: Second charrie :D (Done)   Wed Jan 04, 2012 1:04 pm

Name: Palila Galaxi
Nickname(s): Paul. Virgo. Lila.
Alias: Virgus or Virgo
Age: 7
Appeared Age: Younger that 7...
Orientation: Straight (She's only 7... 0.0)
Race: Avian Hybrid
Birth Date: September 15th

( She looks like Kisa Sohma from Fruits Basket)
Hair Color: Strawberry/Orange Blonde
Hair Style: Straight hair cut to be even with her chin, bangs, and the front part of her hair is longer, down to her collor bone.
Eye Color: Orange / Orangy-brown.
Skin Color: Regular skin toned white. Not tan, and not pale.
Weight:47-50 Ibs
Build: Virgo is a Petite. She is lean and looks very weak.
Scar(s): Where her chip was, is a horrible scar on her arm.
Piercing(s):Her ears each once.
Clothing: She wears what looks like a flannel at the top but turns into a dress ending just above her knees. It has a collar and three buttons down, cuffs at the wrist, dark pink. She also wears a gray loose-knitted sweater over it, that buttons down and ends at her butt. He feet are covered by simple gray slip on shoes. Or a pair of jeans, a plain white v-neck, and a blue zip up hoodie.
Wings: Light brown with tan specks.
General Appearance: Virgo looks younger than she really is because she's so petite. She has a brave and stern looking face, but when she smiles its very adorable. Half the time she does come off sad because she doesn't talk a lot.

Rude people
The color blue.
Not a strong reader when it comes to English.
Too confident.
But at the same time, she'd very quiet.
General Personality:Virgo is a caustious girl. She doesnt just trust someone right away, she likes to get to know you. She's generally brave and couragous and likes to try new things. She is also very smart for her age. Not book smart, but logical. She also gets her feels through with facial expressions.

Money she makes sometimes.
Toothbrush and Pepper spray Razz First Aid. The old pale pink rag dress she wore in The School.
She carries this stuff in a purple shoulder bag
None. But she likes to use her nails and teeth.
Abilities: Virgo has 2 Mental based abilities
Omni-linguism(Ability to understand any form of language) (She can speak to anything with wings)
Pathfinding(Ability to track an individual or object through supernatural means)
If she's trying to Pathfind and the person potentially tries to cover they're tracks or crosses a path with someone(Whitecoat crosses Whitecoat path) then it makes it really difficult.
Spinach lowers her senses.

Father: Kaz Galaxi
Mother: Arlette Galaxi
Sibling(s): Yes. Older sisters, Aramis and Apphia. Younger brother,Kaz jr.
Pet(s): None
Friend(s): Lydia, who she met at The School. But she died during one of the experiments.
Lover(s): None. She's never been the one for....love.. ew.

Three Important Things About Your Character and/or Its Past:
The School.
Being Sent out too the world.
Meeting her parents then being sent back too The School

History: Kaz and Arlette were about to have another child. But they didnt want this one. So they gave Palila Galaxi to the school who was experiment Wh66k9l2. Palila was an experiment for 6 years when she opened the door to her cage and got out. Being overly curious, she went to the computer and looked up all of her status' to find out about her parents who lived in Germany and why they gave her up. This upset her greatly then she was put back in her cage. After her friend died in an experiment she became a little more agressive. The whitecoats decided to put a chip in her arm and drop her off in the middle of nowhere. It was a test to see how Avian hybrids did in environments. So she decided to pay her parents a visit. Once she reaached the house she realized, they were rich?!? This upset her even more. Being a lady, she knocked on the front door then barged in. They had a talk and that (in German of course) was that. She flew off. And in just a few hours Erasers got to her and brought her back to The School. She'd gone outside of the boundaries. Now she still lives in The School. (Can i do that? I dont want to disturb your little battle in The School Razz)

RP Sample: (at least 200 words; not necessary for second and third characters unless given notice)

It sucked for Virgo to find all this out.They were rich! For crying out loud why wouldnt they want her? Of course they just had to be models so it was hard to be mean to them. Maybe Palila should try for modeling. It would be easy. Suddenly the place where she ripped the chip out started to bleed. Again. Sighing Virgo took out her First Aid kit and cleaned it up. Once she packed all of her suff away she spread her wings and lifted herself off the ground. But something grabbed her ankle and slammed her against the ground. Erasers. Figures. Virgo coughed and rolled onto her stomache only to be picked up and dragged down into a sewer.

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PostSubject: Re: Second charrie :D (Done)   Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:45 pm

thats weird i accepted this like an hour ago?

anyways accepted Razz


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PostSubject: Re: Second charrie :D (Done)   Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:06 pm

Lol that's weird 0.0 Thanks
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PostSubject: Re: Second charrie :D (Done)   

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Second charrie :D (Done)
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