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 Haine (Updated)

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PostSubject: Haine (Updated)   Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:44 pm

Name: Haine
Nickname(s): Bitch... Freak...
Age:16 and a half
Appeared Age:18ish (N/A if human)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: One of Itex's obediant dogs

Race: Avian/Eraser cross
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Kind of choppy and just above her shoulders, cut it all off when she got mad.
Eye Color: Feral red with slits
Height: About 5 foot 5
Weight: around 100 pounds
Build: Lean and muscular, though she is fairly small.
Scar(s): Various operation scars
Birthmark(s): none
Tattoo(s): none
Piercing(s): None
Clothing: Depends on the situation, if she‘s at Itex it is usually a white hospital gown. If she‘s out on duty its usually special black armour. Though it doesn‘t really look like armour, more like a well fitted black suit. Her most common old clothes was her black hoodie, grey tee-shirt, red and black plaid skirt with knee high black and white striped leggings.

General Appearance: She has a cold look about her, especially in public. She‘ll almost never smile unless its in a cruel manner. (this is around people other than the one‘s she close to) Her often darker colour choices never seem to compliment the sour look on her face. She has enlarged cainine teeth and she has claw like nails on her hands and feet


  • Her sister
  • Raw Meat
  • Killing things (and people)


  • Experiements who want to save humanity
  • Humans
  • Spiders...


  • Nightmares
  • Loosing the people close to her


  • She can play piano.. though nobody knows how she learned
  • Being Cruel
  • Acting


  • She fidgets
  • Her terrible temper
  • she spaces out alot

General Personality: She's a mean, mean girl... Doesn't carry much smpathy for anyone. Though she can be very passionate about things she likes. Often cold and seeminly careless but in truth she has quite a soft side to her.

  • Medication


  • Sometimes carries a taser
  • Sometimes Hopsital issued syringes or surgery tools


  • Super strength
  • Night vision


  • She clumsy
  • Morphing usually will leave her without any body protection (hense it means she has no clothes when she morphs back) Also it kind of leaves her a little weak after morphing.

Father: unknown doner
Mother: unkown doner
Sibling(s): Laney
Pet(s): none
Friend(s): Laney, Varrien, Elliot
Lover(s): Varrien

Three Important Things About Your Character and/or Its Past:

  • She's a bit of a nutcase... not always.. but sometimes
  • Growing up at the school has turned her quite cold and she has a HUGE lothing for humans
  • She enjoys what she is and has no desire to leave Itex

History: Hanie was your classic test tube baby... created from 2 random donors, most likely scientists from the lab. She emerged from her chiro chamber at 5 years of age, already a cruel child. Growing up in a school made her cold, hard, mean and most importantly a killer. She and her sister Laney were separated from Varrien when they were around 9, after that they met up again only recently. Now that she almost 17 the time for war is near, very near. So she had been transfered to the main Intitute for Higer Living to be trained to fight, and most importantly to be apart of the breeding program. As much as she despises it...

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Haine (Updated)
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