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 Zat remake.

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PostSubject: Zat remake.   Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:25 am

Name: Zat
Age: 2
Gender: Unisex
Orientation: Robotsexual?
Occupation: School ruled

Race: Robot

A robot is basically a machine, in zats case he's a horribly fused version with some human organs which comes with a list of advantages, and disadvantages.


  • Air canisters on the soles of his feet that refuel as he breaths. Basically allow him to jump high.
  • Heat vision, night vision equipped, since he has six cameras he can use two eyes for each vision.
  • An energy converter on the palm of each hand that allow him to fire blasts of bright blue energy.
  • Deployable trackers that come with sonar and audio.
  • Many other assorted items in his body.


  • Metal is a very hard thing to damage.
  • Greatly enhanced strength.
  • Ability to take bullets.


  • Large amounts of magnetic power can cripple him.
  • Two weak spots, behind his legs and behind his neck.
  • Large amounts of water can destroy him, because of this characters that can control water are deadly to him, luckily for him water control is a lame power, that no one wants.

Hair Color: None
Hair Style: None
Eye Color: Six pink cameras.
Height: 2.13 meters.
Weight: 563 kgs.
Build: Thin and sleek for a robot.
Scar(s): None
Birthmark(s): None
Tattoo(s): None
Piercing(s): None
Clothing: A long hooded trench coat that reaches just above the ground with a pink spade symbol on the hood, a symbol that has become his signature icon, often leaving it on his own creations, as well as a pair of brown gloves. These items are all in place to give the appearance of a human from afar.
General Appearance:
Zat is just over two meters tall. He has a human shape made up with dull metal* exoskeleton. Below that is a thin layer of stainless steel which covers up his computer and human innards. His face is made up of a metal gas mask mouth, above that is three pairs of pink glowing eyes. He also has to bumps on his back with three pipes coming out of each connecting to his gas mask.

*2% beryllium and 97% nickel, with a touch of titanium. Aka the strongest metal known to man.


  • The sound or rain.
  • Kittens.
  • Being alone.


  • Loud noises.
  • Busy groups.
  • Being beaten


  • Disengaged.
  • Lava.


  • Finger painting
  • Doing the robot dance.


  • Not understanding human interaction.
  • Not understanding human pain.
  • Defensive of his art.

General Personality: Zat is still learning his role in the world, being so young and with so much forced on him and a young age he hasn't really had time to mentally develop into a social butterfly.


  • Lock picks.


  • On board weapons.
  • Occasionally an over side pistol.

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Sibling(s): Unknown
Pet(s): Unknown
Friend(s): Unknown
Lover(s): Unknown

Three Important Things About Your Character and/or Its Past:

  • Creation
  • Being the star of the stage
  • Rejection

Zat is the final form of the Tech program. A man living in side a robot body. The program was originally created to see if it was possible, how ever finding what they could do with the program the school continued the program. planning to use it in the take over. This program was trial and error due to the fact that they where merging a human brain along with other organs and a computer chip. Zat was the first and only completed version of this program. Three months after Zats creation the program was shut down due to costs, Zat was left at the school to be studied to see if there could be any changes and be field tested.

However, this means that Zat was a person before he became this robotic creation, however almost all memory of his previous life have been removed, not intentionally but due to the process that takes place when forcing a computer chip and a brain to make 'love'.

Whats this, a legitimate profile from Princess Celestia?

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PostSubject: Re: Zat remake.   Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:41 pm

Moved back for some much needed updates.
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PostSubject: Re: Zat remake.   Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:21 pm

Now I think I'm gonna make a character with water powers to piss you off. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Zat remake.   Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:31 pm

my male zero D: water isnt lame...


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PostSubject: Re: Zat remake.   

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Zat remake.
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