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 Watts my character

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PostSubject: Watts my character   Fri Aug 26, 2011 11:15 pm

Name: Sookie Josein
Nickname(s): Watts
Alias:(umm what goes here? )
Appeared Age: (N/A if human)13
Occupation:flying away from erasers and fighting them too

Race: Avian-Human

Hair Color:Chestnut brown with red highlights
Hair Style:in a ponytail and bangs that hang in her eyes
Eye Color:sightless blue silver
Build: (skinny/lean, muscular, fit, plump, etc)skinny with curves
Scar(s):all over her body
Birthmark(s):she has one on her shoulder in the shape of a star
Tattoo(s):a wolf on her back
Piercing(s):one on her nose,many on her ears and snakebites
Clothing:a purple tanktop and a gray tanktop showing the purple one and dark gray capri's with a belt to keep it on her, a windbreaker with a phoenix on it.
General Appearance: pale with brown hair and blue eyes that turn gray and blue-gray with her mood she has pinkish lips freckles on her cheek and her nose.


  • animals
  • stories
  • Computers


  • fire
  • loud people
  • crowds


  • Fire
  • blood


  • Typing
  • make up
  • animal knowledge


  • naturally wary of people
  • Night owl
  • her hands always tremble

General Personality:she has a smart mouth and a temper.she takes what comes with a hard face and tries to not show her feelings.she can be a downer if she is feeling down and she can get hyper off of almost anything.she moods often change very rapidly and often for no apparent reason other than that is what happens.Watts is often very thoughtful and descriptive when it comes to what she says even if she is blind that doesn't stop her from saying what she pretends to see.


  • Laptop with constant wifi
  • tape recorder with alot of tapes
  • Backpack


  • Bow with arrows
  • pebbles


  • can charge or light anything electric (via her nickname) meaning for lights they can turn on and off with her mind and she can charge to full battery anything that needs it.
  • she knows almost everything about anything she touches no mater what it is.she only knows what the person or animal or object knows.


  • if she is sad she can't get her powers to work
  • She has a semi low coordination

Father: unknown
Mother: unknown
Sibling(s): none she knows of
Pet(s): none yet
Friend(s): none yet
Lover(s): none yet

Three Important Things About Your Character and/or Its Past:

  • she was born blind and has good sense's
  • she trys to hide her emotions
  • she doesn't want to know who her family is she just wants to live with the flock and that is it

History:Watts was living in the school but she didn't escape and she knew they never noticed her but then she escaped alone and got to the Forrest.she was alone alot and she is sad alot humans would call it a depression but Watts just couldn't control her emotions not even her moods so she often snaps at people without thinking.She hides behind her hair and tries to act like stone.she makes up stories in her head and tells them to herself to keep from going anymore insane.she often is thought to be kind and she is but she hides her kind side to keep from getting hurt.she is intuitave about voices and can tell if she is being lied to.she has perfect accuracy and loves to fly feeling the air on her face makes her think of a kind parent that is always there.she is wary of people because people have been unreliable in her past.

RP Sample: Hello .... i am Watts and i am blind so no being a jerk or i swear you will see what hell is like and yes i am moody but i can't help that... i wish i had coffee cause that would be nice.are you staring? i hope not cause i am not that weird sure i have wings that are cinnamon brown with dark brown tips but that doesn't make me different and don't say special i never take that well.i know i am lecturing i apologize but i want to be sure that no one treats me like i am different cause i had enough of that.yes i know i am weird and yes i have voices in my head that are not for others but they help me a lot with things and yes i know i look weird.

Watts sighs knowing that everyone is looking stunned with her big mouth but at least i didn't start cursing like i did when i got thrown into a wall with that watts smiles and turns toward a sound that seemed out of place here in the Forrest area where watts was using her tape recorder to make a story beginning to show to people what she sometimes is when she is alone.Watts thinks she hears a eraser but how can she be sure when she was alone and no one was there to tell her after all many erasers could be silent.Watts redid her hair making sure her ears were not near so she wouldn't have to worry about her earrings .Watts sometimes wished she could see but mainly when it would be the most helpful not when she was passing though some place that would be better left in the dark to her supposed innocent mind.sure watts was 15 but she had been through a lot like almost falling into a volcano and getting caught in a tornado but the tornado was alittle fun being that she got to ride what seemed to be a cow but heck it could have been a horse or maybe a sheep.

Watts cleared her expression wondering whether she should speak her thoughts but something inside her told her to fly away so she extended her wings and with alittle force Watts was in the air before she heard the yells of the erasers that had almost ambushed her.thank goodness i got out i am alone at the moment and they would have over powered me if i hear correctly there were 10 at least maybe 15.


How Did You Find Us?: another RP like this that died

What Do We Call You?: Watts

How Long Have You Been RPing?:so long on many diffrent sites

Where you invited, if so by who?:no one

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PostSubject: Re: Watts my character   Sat Aug 27, 2011 1:37 am

Question, when she uses her power of understanding items does it only work on nonliving things?

Also Vary's with mood doesn't count your going to have to put something their, even if its just one line.

Other wise it seems fine.
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PostSubject: her power   Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:13 am

it works on living and nonliving but for living it only informs her what that person or animal knows nothing more
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PostSubject: Re: Watts my character   Sat Aug 27, 2011 5:28 am

Accepted, wonderful Bio and Sample.
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PostSubject: Re: Watts my character   

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Watts my character
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