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 Kusume (redone with new character sheet) (includes shocking new information haha~)

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PostSubject: Kusume (redone with new character sheet) (includes shocking new information haha~)   Sun May 08, 2011 8:05 pm

Name: Kusume
Nickname(s): Papa (Yuki and Lucifer) Love (Haine)
Age: 16
Appeared Age: 18ish
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Weapon for Itex

Race: 2% Avain, 48% Hybrid wolf (Eraser), 50% Human

Hair Color: Dark cherry wood brown
Hair Style: Shaggy and choppy, almost spiky
Eye Color: Deep crimson red with feral slitted pupils
Height: 6 foot 2
Weight: About 110 pounds
Wing colour: Black
Build: He‘s quite muscular and lean, is in incredible physical shape.
Scar(s): He has various ones around his body from operations and fights
Birthmark(s): None
Tattoo(s): None
Piercing(s): None
Clothing: Often a pair of white shorts and no shirt when hes at Itex. Otherwise if he‘s in battle he had a well fitted black armour like clothing. If he‘s just going casual he wears usually either no shirt or a black and grey striped hoodie. Also a pair of dark blue jeans that have various rips and tears, and a black belt that holds his pants up. Usually no shoes.
General Appearance: He looks rather intimidating at first glance, usually a neutral look on his face, though he will often get these cocky grins. His shaggy dark hair is often somewhat getting in his eyes, he has a well defined face with sharp features. He’s quite striking and attractive. In his mouth he has enlarged canines and he has claw like nails on his hands and feet.


  • Haine, Duh~
  • Cookies~
  • His annoying children~


  • People who piss him off~
  • People who interrupt him when he’s with Haine.
  • Just Omega in general


  • Loosing Haine
  • Haine when she’s mad


  • He’s a pretty good singer
  • Being sneaky
  • err… things that involve a bed and Haine?


  • He’s very arrogant
  • He gets extremely jealous when Haine is with other guys
  • He‘s selfish

General Personality: He‘s arrogant and isn‘t an overly social person. Though he can be quite funny and immature he can quickly change to being serious.


  • A backback with food
  • occasionally he packs Haine‘s medicine around for her


  • Sometimes a gun, though very rarely


  • super strength
  • morphing into an Eraser


  • When he’s in Eraser form he’s kind of slow and can’t see behind him unless turning right around
  • He sometimes gets his hands stuck in stuff when he punches

Father: Unkown
Mother: Selena (aka the Woman!) (O_o bet ya didn‘t see that one coming!) (Though he actually doesn‘t know she‘s his mother)
Sibling(s): None
Pet(s): None
Friend(s): Haine and Komaki.. And err his children?
Lover(s): Haine

Three Important Things About Your Character and/or Its Past:

  • When Haine was taken from him he vowed to kill Omega
  • He had an operation done on him when he was 5 that made him into what he is now
  • He got Haine pregnant twice….

History: His mother Selena was the one in charge of the Project Apocalypse, she wanted her child to be apart of it so she used one of her eggs and a random male sperm donor. Kusume was created in a test tube and was never told that his mother was Selena. Infact no one knew that she was his mother except herself. His childhood was very much the same as Haine’s, grown in a chiro chamber until he was five and then he was put through an operation to enhance him. He was always close to Haine and was very angry when they took her away from him and erased her memories. Though he did run into her several times over the years he totally lost it when Omega took her from the school. During those years where Haine was gone he became much stronger and he learned lots of knew things. Then when he was reunited with her he had to play as her brother so that she would get close to him… but he couldn’t handle it and ended up telling her the truth that they weren’t siblings. She rejected him at first but he never gave up and eventually he finally had Haine. He’s madly in love with her and ended up helping her fight that war on humanity. He accidentally got her pregnant and didn’t at all like the idea of becoming a father but he got over it. When the time arose again for him to fufill his duty to Itex he was willing to take on the role of father to his newest child, his son Lucifer. Due to an unfortunate accident thanks to Zat, he ended up getting killed… nobody knows what will happen next.
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Kusume (redone with new character sheet) (includes shocking new information haha~)
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