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 Haine (redone with new character sheet~)

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PostSubject: Haine (redone with new character sheet~)   Sun May 08, 2011 7:05 pm

Name: Haine
Nickname(s): Mama (from Yuki and Lucifer) Babe.. (Kusume)
Appeared Age:17 or 18 (N/A if human)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Is a weapon for Itex

Race: Shes 2% Avain, 48% Hybrid Wolf (Eraser) and 50% Human

Hair Color: Light brown
Hair Style: About shoulder length, she has straight across bangs. Often wears her hair in a high pony tail.
Eye Color: Deep Crimson Red with feral slitted pupils
Height: About 5 foot 6
Weight: Around 100 pounds
Wing Colour: Black
Build: She‘s slender and has a somewhat petit look about her, though she has quite a bit of muscle. Her abs are well visible if she has no shirt on.
Scar(s): She has a large array of scars in various spots on her body, though her most defined scar is across her lower stomach because of her c-section.
Birthmark(s): None
Tattoo(s): None
Piercing(s): At one point she had several ear piecings but those were removed when she went back to be Itex‘s weapon.
Clothing: Depends on the situation, if she‘s at Itex it is usually a white hospital gown. If she‘s out on duty its usually special black armour. Though it doesn‘t really look like armour, more like a well fitted black suit. Her most common old clothes was her black hoodie, grey tee-shirt, red and black plaid skirt with knee high black and white striped leggings.
General Appearance: She has a cold look about her, especially in public. She‘ll almost never smile unless its in a cruel manner. (this is around people other than the one‘s she close to) Her often darker colour choices never seem to compliment the sour look on her face. She has enlarged cainine teeth and she has claw like nails on her hands and feet


  • Kusume~
  • Killing people she hates
  • Raw meat


  • Humans
  • Itex
  • Nyx and Zero
  • Spiders…


  • Loosing Kusume
  • Loosing her two children (Yuki and Lucifer)
  • Nightmares


  • Very acrobatic flier
  • She can actually play the piano really well, no one knows how she learned.
  • Being quiet on her feet


  • Her Temper
  • She over thinks things
  • Not overly great with common sense sometimes

General Personality: She‘s a terrible person but at the same time she also an extremely caring mother. She can get really odd sometimes because of a mental illness. She's sadistic and cruel. Though she can also have a real soft side to her. She can also be very passionate when needed to be, that goes for various things.


  • Usually a small bottle of medicine for her mental illness


  • Sometimes carries a gun if Itex gives it to her
  • Good old Fangs and Claws


  • super strength
  • Morphing into an Eraser
  • A strange black arura forms around her when she loses it, the cause and effects are still unkown


  • Morphing usually will leave her without any body protection (hense it means she has no clothes when she morphs back) Also it kind of leaves her a little weak after morphing.
  • She clumsy when fighting hand to hand and isn‘t very fast on her feet

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unkown
Sibling(s): Komaki (twin)
Pet(s): None
Friend(s): Kusume, Komaki and her two children..?
Lover(s): Kusume

Three Important Things About Your Character and/or Its Past:

  • Had a major mental break down when Omega died
  • Helped Itex start a war on humanity
  • Kusume had Haine‘s memory altered so that she no longer remembers Omega

Haine was your classic test tube baby, another avian experiment created in hopes of showing up Jeb‘s flock. Though soon after emerging from the chrio chamber at five years old, it was clear she was going to need some kind of extra ability.. Hense her creator put her through a series of tests to turn her into a new breed of super avain/Erasers. Although this succeeded with Kusume and Komaki, when it came to Haine the experiment partly failed. She was almost killed during the operation and she didn‘t get into her new form until she was about 14 years old. She was an important puzzle piece in Itex‘s plan to destroy Humanity, so her project name was Project Apocalypse. Kusume and Komaki were also apart of this project, though more specifically Kusume. Things would have gone as planned except the woman erased Haine‘s memory after the operation and altered all her memories so she no longer remembered Kusume or Komaki.

Then Omega helped Haine escape the school due to random luck. Haine lived under the school‘s radar with Omega for some time, during which she fell in love with him. Though some while after he was killed and Haine‘s delicate balance of sanity was shattered and she lost it. Her fragile mind came to believe that it was Zero and Sai that killed Omega so she was bound on killing them both. Joining forces with the school she managed to bring Omega back to life and he was horrified as to what had happened. After much scwabble they eventually came to good terms but it was short lived since he was killed again in a fight. Again Haine lost it, only it was far worse this time. It raked her DNA and her two extra DNA’s formed together like what was suppose to happen in the operation.

Now she officially joined back with Itex and met Kusume and Komaki. At first she was informed that they were both her siblings but later found out that Kusume was actually suppose to be her lover and in no way was related to her. This shocked her and she shunned the idea but after spending much time with Kusume she fell for him. That is when the war started and Haine finally got around to killing Zero. It wasn’t to much longer Haine was informed of her real duty to Itex, which was to give birth to a child that would have unimaginable powers. Not to long after she ended up getting pregnant, but Nyx who was Zero`s brother attacked her while she was still only 3 months pregnant. As a result it ended up injuring the baby and it lost all of its powers… though they did managed to save it. That was how little Yuki was brought into the world. Then after much scwabble with Itex they attempted to escape but it ended with Haine and Kusume getting shot and killed. Yuki was left to fend for herself for the time being. Though Itex quickly brought them back to life and made them into obedient pawns like they were suppose to be all along. It was quite some time after when Itex wished for them to try again for this child. Hense Haine was pregnant for the second time and she gave live birth to a son. His name was Lucifer and he held powers that even Itex couldn’t have forseen, but just as before something misfortunate happened and Zat, a rouge robot created by the school managed to kill both Haine and Kusume... What comes next, no one is really sure.

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Haine (redone with new character sheet~)
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