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 Iris Melodany

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PostSubject: Iris Melodany   Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:23 am

Full Name: Iris Eve Melodany.
Hair color: Dark brown with bright purple highlights.
Date of Birth:17/03/1996
age:15 and a half.
skin tone: Light tan.
wing color: Black with purple end feathers.
Eye color:Purple.
Physical Description: Small lithe teenage girl.Fine pretty straight hair.Reddish lips and an even complexion.No freckles.Very athletic.Usually wears dark aviators,red lipstick,skinny black jeans and a leather jacket.
Powers: Can change her appearance including hair colour,skin colour,hair type,clothes and face.Can run very very fast on land.
Skills:lock picking,driving,jumping off high things and breaking doors open.
Weapon's:black hand gun that she keeps in her jacket pocket.
Extra Info: Very sarcastic girl.
Background:Iris was a dancer at a professional dance school.She had an i-pod, iPhone,her motorbike.
One day,when Iris was late getting back from dance practice she arrived home and her parents were dead.After that she was out on the street dancing for money.She got in some fights,so when Jeb came and offered her a better life....how could she refuse.
At the school she fell in love with an Eraser turned good.A few months later he was said he only said he liked her because Jeb made him and that the eraser liked another mutant.
Jeb revealed it had been a test.After that,Iris hardened up.Became sarcastic and didn't let people very close to her.But it might happen by accident.She vowed to become better,something more.
song that fits your character:Butterflies and Hurricanes by Muse or Foolish Games by Jewel.
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PostSubject: Re: Iris Melodany   Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:05 am

Sounds like a very interesting character!~ I look forward to rping with you~
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PostSubject: Re: Iris Melodany   Thu Mar 24, 2011 12:16 pm

completely agreed. welcome on ^-^


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PostSubject: Re: Iris Melodany   

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Iris Melodany
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