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 Zat the robot

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PostSubject: Zat the robot   Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:38 pm

Full Name: Zat
Date of Creation: 2009
age: 2
Eye color: Six pink glowing cameras serve as eyes.
Physical Description: Zat is just off two meters tall. He has a human shape made up with dull titanium exoskuleton. Below that is a thin layer of stainless steel which covers up his computer and human inards. His face is made up of a metal gas mask mouth, above that is three pairs of pink glowing eyes. He also has to bumps on his back with three pipes coming out of each connecting to his gas mask.

Zat wears a long hooded trench coat that reaches to the ground an trails behind him as he walks, he allso wears a pair of brown gloves to cover up his hands.

Equipment: Zat has a built in pair of boosters at the bottom of his feet which allow him to quite literally double jump. He also has a piece of metal on the palm of each hand that can slid away to reveal the barrel of a gun. He is also equipted with night vision and heat vison.
Advantages: Due to zats metal build he is very hard to damage. He as grealty increased strength. He is also capable to taking a bullet.
Weaknesses: Large dosses of water will cause him to move speradically or become unresponsive. A magnet will paralyz him as long as he is in its range. He also has two weak spots the front of his neck and behind his knees.

Background: Zat is the final form of the Tech program. A man living in side a robot body. The program was originally created to see if it was possible how ever finding what they could do with the program the school continued it, planning to use it in the take over. This program was trial and error due to the fact that they where merging a human brain and a computer chip. Zat was the first and only completed version of this program. Three months after Zats creation the program was shut down due to costs, Zat was left at the school to be studied to see if there could be any changes and be feild tested.
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PostSubject: Re: Zat the robot   Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:30 pm

lol Nyx still has Techs chip XD


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Zat the robot
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