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 Lucifer (for the events RP)

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PostSubject: Lucifer (for the events RP)   Sat Jan 22, 2011 7:28 pm

Full Name: Lucifer
Hair color: lighter brown but with black and red tips.
Date of Birth: November 12 2012
age: 15
skin tone: Olive tan (like Haine's)
wing color: black
Eye color: Crimson red with feral slits
Physical Description: Lucifer is only 15 but because of his bird and eraser genes he looks more like an 18 year old. Stands at about 6"1.His looks resemble Kusume's quite a bit but he has his mother's (Haine) wicked facial expressions. (such as sinister grins and such) He is smaller than what his father was but he still has a muscular build and good reflexes. His hair is a lighter brown like Haine's but he usually has it slightly spiked up and has the tips died red and black. He wears a Black hoodie with grey vertical stripes, the sleeves are a tad long so his hands sometimes get hidden. There are slits in the back for his wings. Under it he wears usually either a plane tee-shirt or a graphic tee. He wears torn blue jeans with a black belt that has silver studs. Around his neck he wears a collar that has small spikes/studs. Yuki hates it but he wears it anyway. And other than that he has the complimentary fangs and claws like his parents and sister.
Personality: Hes quite, doesn't say much to anyone other than Yuki. But he can be cocky when he desires and has an bit of a temper. Hes also Sadistic.
Powers: Mind Manipulation (can get inside peoples heads, make them see things, hear things, read their thoughts and memories.)
The whitecoats named his special gene power "Influence" which is his greatest gift, he can make people see things his way wether they like it or not. It was how they enslaved the humans. Other than that he can change into an eraser.

Skills: Hes an amazing public speaker (compliments of his Influence power)
Weapon's: packs around a switch blade and a hand gun.
Extra Info: Hes Yuki's younger brother, he loves her but like any sibling he enjoys taunting and annoying her.
Background: He was born in the year 2012 and was put into a chiro chamber after birth. Emerging at five he then was raised by the whitecoats and his parents Haine and Kusume. But when they died because of their expiery dates Yuki and the whitecoats looked after him.
song that fits you character: M.A.D by Hadouken!

Wolf fur color: Brownish black
Eyes: turn a Deep yellow
Size,weight: He stands about 6"6 and weighs about 180 pounds.
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Lucifer (for the events RP)
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