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 Tech the tech?

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PostSubject: Tech the tech?   Fri Jan 08, 2010 10:51 pm

Full Name: Tech
Hair color: Black.
Date of Birth: 1994
age: 15
skin tone: pale
wing color: None.
Eye color: One of his eye sockets has the end of a camera, The other being black with the lens of a camera
Physical Discription: A large jacket with a hood the covers his face, Black pants and Boots. He has a sand paper beard and long stringy hair.
Personality: There is only one word for tech shifty. when your not looking he'll steal you watch, Then a couple of weeks later try to sell it to you.
Powers: (What a camera for and eye not good enough you? did i just have a argument with my self? yes. Quite you!) He can create a larg flash with his camera eye blinding people for a few moments. He all so can shock people with his hand.
Background: born and raised in the school. He was called tech because he could all ways fix the equipment. There for instead of a dog box he has a cell to live in.
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Tech the tech?
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