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 Reaper the ripper

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PostSubject: Reaper the ripper   Sat Nov 20, 2010 8:35 pm

[b]Full Name: Reaper

[b]Hair color: Black

[b]Date of Birth:1995, Oct.31


[b]skin tone: olive

[b]wing color: Black bat wings

[b]Eye color:solid black

[b]Physical Description:She is 5'8' and is quite slender. She has a slight build but is stronger then she looks. She has long curly black hair down to the middle of her back and vary stronger sharp finger nails that are painted black and sharp k-9 teeth. She has a chain chocker on and scares on her arms. She wears a black cloak that ties at her neck and comes down to her knees and has a hood. She has black boots that come up to her knees but have no heals. She wears black knee high socks with white skulls on them. She has elbow high black gloves that have no fingers and lacy black short skirt and a black shirt that has a low V-neck and has no sleaves.

[b]Powers: She is able to make the dead rise and she can contorl them then kill them again. She can see ghosts and if they r not that stronge control them too. Her blood is a stronge setitive that will put you into a painful nightmare coma like sleep.

[b]Skills:she is good at manipulating people and is vary sneaky. she will twist peoples worlds around to get her way. she is skilled at fighting and at useing Her Sai (a wepon that has three points) and her chain whip. She also has perfect night vison.

[b]Weapon's:Sai, chain whip, daggers that are put in holders on her legs

[b]Extra Info:Reaper will only serve or respect the one person that defets her in battle. After that she will do whatever they ask of her. she will take the side that her master is on light or dark but will do it her way. She does not know right from wrong and has no morals she only knows how to serve. She is senitive to light. She does not die the same way when it comes to starveing or blood lose. she has no heart beat and is pretty much a walking dead. she eats flesh and likes it bloody.

[b]Background:reaper was created in a back room in an old shack out side the school. One of the apprentices wanted to show what he could make so he created her out of the spare DNA that he could steal even though he was not sure what he had grabbed. He grew her for many years but could never get her in a liveing state it was just a body. Then one night there was a power bump and the container that Reaper was in got all the extra power, awakeing her. She had ran to the morg and lifted many dead. After that night the school had caught her and put her in the basement she has been there ever since.

[b]song that fits you character: Marlin Manson 'This is Halloween.'

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Reaper the ripper
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