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 Kusume (I just realized I never did one for him D: )

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PostSubject: Kusume (I just realized I never did one for him D: )   Tue Nov 16, 2010 3:49 pm

Full Name: Kusume
Hair color: Dark brown
Date of Birth: 95/04/29 (April 29)
age: 15
skin tone: Tan
wing color: Black
Eye color: Deep crimson red, with feral slits
Physical Description: Hes tall, about 6”2 and has a good build. Weighs about 120 (hallow bones, makes him lighter) He has dark brown hair that is kind of shaggy/choppy. Hates shirts and shoes.. so he never wears them, usually just wears a pair of baggy ripped jeans with a plain black belt. Has claw like nails on his hands and feet, his four cainine teeth are enlarged and sharp. The rest of his teeth may have slight points but are relitivly normal.
Personality: He is a bit arrogant, hates a lot of things and people. But he has a soft side to him, it just requires getting to know him. Hes also (believe it or not) a little bit cautious when it comes to being around Haine. Also he has a really bad jelousy problem when it comes to Haine interacting with other guys. (he paticularily hates Omega because he was Haine’s previous lover)
Powers: Turning into an eraser, super strength.
Skills: He is good at being stealthy and he managed to control his morphing in a way where he can selectivly morph parts of his body. So for example he could morph his hand into eraser form but the rest of him would be in its normal state.
Weapon's: Good old fangs and claws Very Happy
Extra Info: The truly scary thing about Kusume is that Haine has pretty much complete control over him. He’ll do whatever she wants him to. Also he’s Haine’s life mate.
Background: He grew up at the school with Haine and Komaki. Although those memories had been erased he just had them put back in. Like anyother experiment at the school growing up was rough, it caused him a lot of pain both physically and mentally. Haine and him were sperated when they were about 9 years old. That was when kusume and Komaki fully developed their hybrid dna… where Haine was a late bloomer and hers never fully activated until she was 14. When they were reunited a year later at age 10, Kusume found out they had erased all of Haine’s childhood memories and was really upset, So they erased his memories aswell. He was informed about his purpose and what he had to do with Haine.. so in a way he always loved her even after his memories were erased. They kept running into each other throught the next few years but each time Haine’s memories were erased. Then Haine escaped with Omega and Kusume didn’t see her again until they were 14 and started the war on the humans.
song that fits you character: Sex and Violence

Wolf fur color: Black
Eyes: Blazing Crimson red
Size,weight: About 6”8 or 6”9. Weighs close to 200 pounds. (hollow bones become non hallow during morph)
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PostSubject: Re: Kusume (I just realized I never did one for him D: )   Tue Nov 16, 2010 11:01 pm

Took your time...
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Kusume (I just realized I never did one for him D: )
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