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 He's back, from outer space.

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PostSubject: He's back, from outer space.   Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:47 am

Full Name: Omega
Hair color: Black
Date of Birth: 1995
age: 15
skin tone: Pale
wing color: Black
Eye color: Brown with yellow brusing around the outside.
Physical Description: Omega was tall even before the wings where grafted on. He has black shoulder length hair. He usually wears a white stained shirt. Over that he wears a blue hoodie, over that he wears a grey jacket. Black pants and brown mountain climbing shoes. Black fingerless leather gloves. He has a large scab at the base of his neck, needle marks over his body, a scar across his face and some times thinks he's caught fire. He also has a katana on his back.
Powers: The ability to change into a winged wolf. Teleportation.
Skills: He'd been trained in fighting by the school since he was four.
Weapon's: Katana
First life

Omega was born as a test tube baby for the school, he was meant to be the ultimate creation. Shortly after they created a hell of allot of ultimate creations. After he failed in a fight due to a creation flaw. Since then he has been used as a test subject before finally being sent on a mission which he soon ditched. He handed with a band of bird kids for a while before settling with a girl called Haine, who naturally turned out to be sycopath. He was then soon killed escaping the school a second time.

Second-Third life

Omega spent these lives trying to pick up the pieces of what he missed, trying to figure out the turning point of everything. He was soon killed.

Fourth life
song that fits you character: typical, mutemath.

Wolf fur color: Grey
Eyes: Yellow
Size,weight: The height of a twelve year old and five times as heavy.
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He's back, from outer space.
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