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 Gula the cannibal

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PostSubject: Gula the cannibal   Sun Oct 24, 2010 9:39 pm

Full Name: Gula
Hair color: Black
Date of Birth: 1994
age: 16
skin tone: Light brown
Eye color: Green
Physical Description: Gula stands a little under two meters and and weighs about sixty-five kgs. He wears a loose black tee shirt followed by a pair on jeans and white sneakers. He has black unkempt hair that hangs as if it could fall out at any moment. He has black scares running across his arms and down his back as well as being covered in bite marks.

Powers: He was originally mean't to be a creation who could create or modify items in to other things following the simple law of discover, destroy and recreate. He failed at this and stopped at simply blowing the thing up in to is individual elements.

He can also track people and find out what they saw and thought for the last five minutes by eating part of them. Hair will do it but he usually goes for a toe or a finger, he also has very sharp teeth.

He also has greatly increased strength.
Background: Gula was originally mean't to be a creation used to reform items into a new state following some simple laws, how ever he stopped at law two and ended up just returning things to there basic elements. Because of this he was sent from the science department to the returner department. Unlike most experiments he's not forced to do it ether, he does it out of free will. He actually enjoys the job he's been given. He is now in waiting for the next attack on a city.
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Gula the cannibal
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