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 Hige the tiger

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PostSubject: Hige the tiger   Mon Oct 04, 2010 5:53 pm

Full Name: Hige
Hair color: Orange
Date of Birth: 1995
age: 15
skin tone: tanned
Eye color: Amber
Physical Discription: Hige gives off the aura of a fifteen year old kid that just doesn't care, which is a lie. Kinda. He stands a little under two meters, thats six foot five for all you who are homeschooled don't live under the metric system. He has short cut orange hair that all ways seems to be a little bit shaggy. He has bright amber eyes that all ways seem to be rolling. Apart from that a normal face, apart from the inch long canine teeth.

Hige usually wears a red flannel button up tee shirt over a long sleeved black one, and if its really chilly he might pull out the hoodie of doom! Honestly, thats what is says. Along with a pair of worn in blue jeans.

Personality: As mentioned before Hige is well, kinda lazy. Well not lazy more, unwilling. Not so unwilling he won't offer to help if some one, say broke there neck, he would help then for sure. He's cocky and rather un-trusting. He all so has a sense of ruthlessness.
Powers: Hige holds the ability to turn him self into a tiger at will. He also has greatly increased speed, strength, stamina and other cat like skills
Background: Hige was donated from the school by a father who had lost it all when his wife died during child birth. This was the fathers right into passage for getting a job at the school, in fact it was him that loaded his son up like an idiot with tiger DNA, pure genius.

And because of that Hige was forced to spend most of his life fighting of hordes of other dangerous animals lions, bears and hippos (laugh now but wait till you're pinned down by one)
and gulping down pills every five minutes.

One time when he was fighting three wolves one managed to escape through a wide open door. Well it was open once the wolf was thrown through it. There was a large chase sean which wouldn't have looked out of place in an action movie. After that was all done Hige saw the light of day and never looked back.

song that fits you character: American idiot

Eyes: Amber
Size,weight: Two meters long. Sixty kgs
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Hige the tiger
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