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 Kiane the birdy

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PostSubject: Kiane the birdy   Sat Sep 25, 2010 3:16 am

Full Name: Kiane
Hair color: Pale cream
Date of Birth: 1995
age: 15

skin tone: White
wing color: White
Eye color: Blue

Physical Description: Kiane is about normal height, almost short for a bird kid. He wears a white flannel buttoned tee shirt. Blue jeans and a pair of striped sneakers. Along his neck he has a necklace with a white feather on it.

Personality: Kianes an odd one. He tries despretly to not let the wounds of battle cut to deep and tries to keep a peppy perspective on things. Dog eats your leg, kill it and reatache the leg. He also suffers from major claustrophobia. And above all things he loves flying. How ever there is one flaw with him, everday he gets more and more bird like and begins to lose the human side of him and one day he'll just be a bird.

Powers: Turn into a parakeet at will.
Background: Kiane was an experament by the school focusing weather if you gave some one 50% human dna and 50% bird dna what the out come would be. Simple the out come can change between forms but has characteristic of each. Human form has wings, bird form has speech. But since their is all ways a girl with a soft heart for birds. Everyone loves birds. So any way, she released him just like that. Since then he's been flying for his life.
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Kiane the birdy
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