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 Sai Is comging!

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PostSubject: Sai Is comging!   Thu Dec 17, 2009 8:15 am

Full Name: Sai ledgus
Hair color: purple, red/ vary short
Date of Birth:sept.30.1995
skin tone:lightly tane but pail
wing color: none
Eye color:yellow
Physical Discription: a black tank top with a quoter moon in the centre. She has camo paints and never goes anywhere with out her brown leather backpack. On the right side of her neck there is a tatoo of a half moon inside a triangle and there is one star at each of the three points. She wears no shoes. Her fangs are a little bit longer than a normal vampires and her nails are razer sharp.
Personality:happy, understanding sometimes, little bit of a short temper, argumentive, has a sense of humor and honor.
Powers: super strangth, martial arts, healing saliva and the ability to hypnotizes people.
Extra Info : She was is half vampire untill the shock of zero forced her to compete the change to a full vampire. you can tell when she needs to feed when her eyes turn completely black. this my happen when she feels threatened. unlike normal vampires she does not burn up in sunlight but it does cause a lot of discomfort so if she can help it she will stear clear of light.
Background: She came from a small village. She has been on a journey for many months. She has meet lots of strange people in her life and gone many places, some of them you would not believe. she never knows where her journey will take her or when it will end.
song that fits you character: Bat out of hell By: Meatloaf
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Sai Is comging!
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