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 Omega the long go'er

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PostSubject: Omega the long go'er   Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:00 pm

Full Name: Omega
Hair color: Black
Date of Birth: hmm i think that would make it 1995?
age: 15
skin tone: pale
wing color: (if any) Black
Eye color: Brown
Physical Discription: avareg build. He wears his hair loss so it goes in his eyes, A lot. Laterly he has taken to tying it up. He has a black coat with a grey shirt under followed by a black singlet. He wears black dress pants and black boots.

Personality: This varys After the meany times hes died he has begun to suffer from instint mood change making him very unpredictable. Most of the time he makes bad jokes and looks for something to do.
Powers: Teleportation he can all so turn into a winged wolf
Extra Info : (what u want people may want to know.)
Background: (where they came from/ their history Born in a lab raised in a lab. When he was first let out side he wondered what was wrong with freash air. He started training since he was eight. His main fighting skills consist of tai kwondo. He is all so quite skilled with a bo staff. He spent a good half of his life training only to have his eyes fail on him! He fell into depresion till he was sent on a mission to take out a rouge group of avians out. He got there and ended up joining them. His life since then has been full of ups and downs
song that fits you character:

Wolf fur color: Grey
Eyes: Golden
Size,weight: About the same size as a twelve year old and about three times a heavy
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Omega the long go'er
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